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Along with further specialization of exhibitions in advanced countries, public exhibitions are going to be closed.

Today, specialized shows are more of interest to experts, professionals & visitors, because public exhibitions for their vast issue & number of participants do not meet the needs of the audience & visitors.

Obviously, due to the significant changes raised by the development of science & technology in progress of industries & production, everyday we witness the innovation & improvement of the quality of the products.

Certainly, related fields of hospital building industry also benefit from this innovation & progress, so it's impossible to supply the audience with all these innovations in a form of a public exhibition with a general topic.

Organizing the 3rd International Exhibition of Hospital Infrastructure, Installation, Equipment & Related Industries with the presence of local & foreign companies & institutions active in related fields of production, trade & services is considered as a long & strong step towards providing innovation & modern production of this field of industry and certainly will be welcomed by the construction and mass construction companies, investors & universities of medical science as the final users of these products.

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